Financial Services



Because we are affiliated with many correspondents in the U.S. and abroad, we are able to underwrite complicated transactions, taking into account local peculiarities and special circumstances.

As a result of our unique affiliations with a number of private lending institutions, we are also able to offer immediate bridge financing, forward or standby with an exit into long-term conventional financing.

We have the most competitive deal in the market place, delivered efficiently and professionally.  Most importantly, our business centers on relationships.  You will find us to be responsive and creative in our solutions, always striving to deliver exceptional service.

We are business people, not bankers in the conventional sense.  We have the vision to recognize a project’s true potential and the expertise to underwrite even the most complicated transactions, custom designed to fit any of your needs.

Ennesco achieves its objectives by adhering to a strategy that begins and ends with its clients.  Our success is measured by how well we earn the loyalty necessary for long term relationships.  Our premise for adhering to this strategy is simple.  We believe that these relations, past, present, and future provide the foundation for success.

Ennesco focuses on offers through our private placement group.  Expertise is focused on transactions where a minimum of $3,000,000 will be raised.  The $3,ooo,ooo minimum could encompass the placement of debt, equity, or various types or levels of mezzanine financing.

Private Placements

We are in a position to offer a wide range of private placement services; from drafting initial private placement memoranda, advising, vetting for compliance with U.S. and other securities market regulations, providing due diligence investigations and producing a final document through to actual placement.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We find and assist in funding acquisitions.  We can assist in affecting advantageous mergers to help your company grow.  We can also assist you in going public via IPO’s or a reverse merger.

As companies develop, they face a broad spectrum of choices.  The role we play is to discern and understand the dynamics particular to each company’s financial strategy.  That strategy must be tailored to the goals of management and ownership as well as the nature of the business and current market conditions.

Although we serve companies of various sizes, our strength lies in working with small and mid-sized companies.  We recognize that in most cases such companies do not have the same range and frequency of involvement in the capital markets as do Fortune 500 Companies.  Hence, these companies need quality investment banking advice as much as, if not more than, large corporations.

Second Tier Financing

Our firm specializes in providing second tier financing for both private and public companies.

Our knowledge of the intricacies of financial markets and our individualized service and marketing support has made us a leader among investment bankers.  Our staff has extensive experience in evaluation of investor attitudes relative to the debt and equality markets.  The knowledge is fundamental to our ability to assist clients in structuring transactions that will be well received by investors.

Credit Enhancements

We have a working relationship with insurance underwriters and financial institutions who can provide credit enhancement and or payment guarantee (credit wraps).  Principle payments and interest can often be guaranteed, given sufficient collateral, bringing the benefits of highly creditworthy institutions to the financial structure of the lesser-known entity.

Credit enhancement can increase the appeal, the scope of investors and the investor appetite for a project.

Sources of finance will be found that would otherwise remain closed off.