Ennesco Energy

We are an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, development, exploitation, and production of oil and gas properties, wind energy and biomass concerns.

We work with investments banks, venture capitalists and investors in connection with direct financing, private placement and public offering of corporate equity and debt securities, and assist in structuring secured and unsecured loans.

We use our unique skills relating to the private and public financing of companies with oil and natural gas, wind energy and biomass concerns, including venture capital, bank financing, mergers, acquisitions and energy development.

Ennesco Energy also plans to increase its reserves, production and cash flow in a cost-efficient manner primarily through: selectively pursuing consolidation and acquisition opportunities; efficiently controlling operating and overhead costs; operating its properties in order to enhance production through well workovers, development activity and operational improvements; and utilizing improved exploitation and development techniques to maximize the value of its properties.  The company intends to pursue further consolidation and exploitation opportunities while simultaneously focusing on acquisitions where Ennesco Energy’s economics of scale and operating expertise five it a competitive advantage.