Corporate Debt Mediation

With or mediation service, we will renegotiate, restructure and reduce your corporate accounts payables, liabilities, leases, supply agreements and general and administrative costs giving you time to focus on turning around your business. Our service will allow you to maintain control of your business while achieving some of the same benefits of bankruptcy, but without the long term damages.

We will buy you time with critical vendors and reduce your overall debt. All debt reductions reduce your liabilities immediately, strengthening your balance sheet and credit worthiness in the process. We assume responsibility for all communication and negotiation with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys so that you can focus on developing your business.

When your cash flow is inadequate to cover your monthly payables. This can happen if your business is cyclical and is in a slow period, or if days sales out-standing increase because your customers are paying your own accounts receivable late. Whether your difficulties were caused by the loss of a large customer or an industry slowdown, We can  provides a better alternative without the need for any personal guarantees. If you seek to avoid lawsuits, bankruptcy or foreclosure, or you simply want to end harassing creditor or collection agency calls, We can help. Creditors will use any negotiating advantage, such as a personal guarantee (which continues even after a business is gone) to gain leverage.