Global Knowledge - Local Solutions

Our expertise encompasses a complete financial product range, from initial strategic analysis through final structuring of the financial transaction anywhere in the world.

Financial Services

Because we are affiliated with many correspondents in the U.S. and abroad, we are able to underwrite complicated transactions, taking into account local peculiarities and special circumstances.

Ennesco Energy

We use our unique skills relating to the private and public financing of companies with oil and natural gas, wind energy and biomass concerns, including venture capital, bank financing, mergers, acquisitions and energy development.

Debt Mediation

With our mediation service, we will renegotiate, restructure and reduce your corporate accounts payables, liabilities, leases, supply agreements and general and administrative costs giving you time to focus on turning around your business.

Risk Management

Our firm is in a unique position to undertake public debt financing projects for national and sub-national governmental authorities particularly in the developing world.  We can utilize a variety of financial sources for regional, municipal, and national government sponsored projects.